London Travel Guide

Claire Sarnowski

London Travel Guide

Whether you are looking to visit a city that has timeless architecture, amazing food, captivating culture or incredible history, London is the perfect place for you. There are so many things to do, sites to see and attractions to visit. This travel guide will inspire you to make London your first travel destination when restrictions lift and international travel is safe. 

Top attractions: 

The Coca Cola London Eye: 

The Coca Cola London Eye is a great way to see 360° views of the city. The swinging gondola hangs 443 feet in the air and rotates like a Ferris wheel to ensure you can see every angle of the city. The ride takes around 30 minutes round trip to complete and each car contains an interactive map to showcase all of the tourist attractions around the city. 

Although the lines for this attraction can be very long, the views and the experience are definitely worth it. Here is the view from the London Eye in a virtual experience showing other landmarks in the city:

St. Paul’s Cathedral: 

The architecture and history in this cathedral are breathtaking. Not only is St. Paul’s Cathedral the location where Prince Charles married Lady Diana, but it’s also an art gallery containing stunning pieces of art from each decade. Built in 1675, the renaissance architecture seen in the cathedral is unmatched by any other building.

 If you have the chance, I would highly recommend climbing 528 steps up and down to the Golden Gallery. From the Golden Gallery, you can see all views of London and the landmarks in the city. To take a look at St. Paul’s Cathedral on the inside, you can find a virtual tour here:

Kensington Palace:

 If you are a fan of history or British royalty, Kensington Palace is the place for you. Inside the palace are fascinating displays ranging in topics from Princess Diana’s fashion to the upbringing of Queen Victoria. While touring the palace, you can walk in the King’s State Apartments, Queen’s State Apartment and through the gorgeous Kensington gardens. 

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre: 

Even if you aren’t the biggest Shakespeare fan around, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is a great attraction to visit. The theatre offers guided tours where you will learn about the history of the Globe and Shakespeare’s life. 

If you are looking to catch a live performance of your favorite Shakespeare play while visiting, you can buy tickets for as low as £5 per person. Although the theatre is closed during this time, they are hosting online events where you can stream performances from home:


 Harrods is a store unlike any other store you’ve ever been to before. With 330 different departments and seven floors, Harrods is a must-see. Although there are everyday items such as teas and purses, there are also luxury items like posh diamonds and jewelry.

 If you are looking to load up on goods, be prepared for outrageously high prices. Even if everything is expensive and overly fancy, you need to visit this store at least one time in your life. 

The British Museum: 

The British Museum is a place that you could easily spend hours in. The best thing about the museum is that it is free (although they suggest giving a £5 donation.) During your visit, there is so much to learn and see in the museum. 

In the museum, you can see artifacts like the Rosetta Stone, the Mummy of Katebet and Samurai armor. In the museum’s 60 galleries, you can see artifacts from each continent and area of the world. The British Museum has partnered with Google to present a Google Street View inside of the museum and exhibits:

Westminster Abbey: 

One of the most iconic pieces of architecture in all of London is Westminster Abbey. The church itself is beautiful and the gothic architecture is one of a kind. 

On the self-guided tour provided by Westminster Abbey, visitors can tour all the parts of the church and see where celebrities including Sir Issac Newton, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin are buried. The paintings, stained glass, artifacts and history found in Westminster Abbey are incredible. To take a virtual tour of Westminster Abbey click here:

Best food finds:

Kensington Palace Pavilion afternoon tea:

 Morning tea at the Kensington Palace Pavilions was one of my favorite things that I did in London. Overlooking the magnificent Kensington Gardens, the elegant and relaxing setting makes this an amazing experience. 

With your choice of tea or coffee, you are served tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and a selection of delicious tea cakes. Although it isn’t the cheapest brunch option around, it is well worth the price. 

Snowflake Luxury Gelato:

 Snowflake Luxury Gelato is the best gelato/frozen dessert I have ever had. They have a wide range of flavors as well as other items such as crepes and milkshakes. The shops are bright and stylish and the ambiance is warm and friendly. 

Fish and chips:

 No matter where you eat in London, the fish and chips will not disappoint. The best places I got fish and chips from were St. Stephens Tavern, Fish! at Borough Market and Fishers Restaurant.