Things Teachers are Doing at Home

Angela Su, Staff Reporter

Besides teaching classes digitally, what are some of the things that teachers are currently doing at home during the Coronavirus pandemic? When they are not grading homework, teaching or giving out assignments, many teachers have been keeping busy with exercising and hobbies.

I try to exercise every day; I’ve been collecting family recipes and putting them in a cookbook for my daughter and nieces; and I’ve been spending time working in the yard–when the weather cooperates,” said English teacher Diane Long.

Some of the plants Long has growing in her garden are flowers and herbs. 

On the other hand, some teachers like Chemistry teacher Jesse Elizondo who have young children at home are taking the extra time to spend time with family.

“I have a 4 year old, so…. [I am spending my time] managing a 4 year old!” said Elizondo.

Other than taking care of his 4 year old child, Elizondo has also found a few activities and hobbies to keep himself busy over quarantine. 

“I try to find secluded wilderness spots to trudge around in, play Animal Crossing, and am on social media probably more than is good for me,” said Elizondo.