3 Things Pacers are Doing at Home

Angela Su, Staff Reporter

Now that everybody is currently staying at home everyday due to the Coronavirus pandemic, what are some of the things Pacers have been doing besides attending online school? Here are three things that a few Pacers have been doing to stay busy.


1. Baking


With the extra time from staying at home, many students have decided to use it to cook delicious things, sometimes even with their siblings. 

“I have a lot more time on my hands now so I have been adventuring into new recipes and baking new things which has been really fun,” said sophomore Savanna Quast.

Quast has baked a variety of things like cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, cookies and many more. However, Quast is not the only one who has started to bake. So has sophomore Rainbow Huang. 

“Over this pandemic, I have summoned my inner chef and have baked a lot,” said Huang.

Her favorite desserts to bake are muffins and she also loves matcha flavored things. 


2. Music


Listening to music is also a great way to pass the time while staying at home. However, for sophomore Elaine Culbert, who is an aspiring music composer, she has been writing music in her free time.

“I have had lots of inspiration for writing lyrics and composing songs,” said Culbert. “Music has been my outlet in expressing my emotions through lyrics and melodies I create.”

Culbert is currently taking online piano classes every week and her most favorite song that she has composed is a song called “Enchanted With You,” which was a song she wrote for a competition.


3. Spending Time With Family


Since everybody is stuck at home now, many people have used this time to spend more time with their families. 

“I’ve had a lot more family time during quarantine and we’ve played several games,” said sophomore Ainsley Williams. “My sister and I sometimes get annoyed at each other but we are spending a lot more time together.”

While being at home with your sibling all day can get annoying at times, it can also be fun at the same time.