Rolling Backpacks

Charlotte Pence

Since Quarantine has started, it’s easy to forget some of the things that were once commonplace jokes or conversations amongst students. Things like peoples opinions on rolling backpacks. These Accessories, though now seeming useless and long forgotten, used to be the butt of jokes for many students.

 This has caused some people to feel more targeted than their more traditionalist peers. Still, claims that the rolling bags cause more problems than they solve stand firm. In order to understand both sides of the argument on the rolling bags we must examine both the pros and cons of the notorious rolling backpack.

The rolling backpack has a plethora of benefits that the rollees believe outweigh any inconveniences that their peers claim to experience at fault of the bags. 

Nicole Kryski, freshman, stated that “[Her] friend has a rolling backpack and he’s pretty cool, He got it because he broke his arm.” 

Injuries and comfort seem to be the main point supporting their claim that rolling backpacks are superior, as many claim that broken arms or aching backs make the traditional backpack unappealing and unrealistic for highschool students, who have to carry their heavy bags around all day. As one source, who chose to remain anonymous, simply put it, “It’s just efficient, dude, Its smart, It’s less work.” 

However, some students here at LHS would beg to disagree, claiming that the convenience for the Rollees is not worth the hassle or safety concerns it causes to other hallway pedestrians. 

Will Frazier, junior, stated that “[he] was just walking and knocked [his] foot into one the other day.” Frazier isn’t alone in that sentiment as Miles Stansbury, freshman, also claims to have “… Been hit twice in the ankles already this year.” While this may seem like a couple of fluke incidents, these accidents aren’t as uncommon as one might think. 

Seeing as that rollees take up a considerable amount of space in the hallways, students are claiming that it takes up too much space and causes unnecessary traffic. Not to mention the trouble of getting them smoothly up and down stairs in the already overcrowded stairwells here at Lakeridge.  

Whatever your stance on rolling backpacks, it is important to remain respectful, as Rollees have already claimed to put up with lots of bullying and snide remarks on their bag choice. And now we can just look back on the days where backpacks were necessary at all, and realize that perhaps these rollees were on to something that students just didn’t understand.