Deadly Murder Hornets

Charlotte Pence

In case not enough people were afraid of leaving their houses yet, a new discovery has citizens in northern Washington facing another danger for breaking quarantine: Murder Hornets. These hornets, which are around two inches long, and bear orange and black markings, have caused  Millions in crop damage, and are deadly for both honeybees and humans.


The hornets are estimated to have arrived in the US sometime last December. Many scientists are guessing they may have been carried on freight boats from Japan. In their native country, they are farmed in masses to be eaten as a delicacy. 


However, Washington State officials are less worried about eating them as a treat, and more focused on stopping them from eating the local honeybees. Photos have been circulating, showing how the Hornets crawl into Bee hives and tear the heads off of honeybees in mass numbers.


Despite Killing bees, the hornets are also capable of killing humans. The stinger of one hornet can carry up to seven times the amount of venom a honeybee can. Being stung by two or more bees would almost certainly cause death to their victim.


Murder Hornets have also been introduced to France already, where they have reportedly caused millions of dollars in damage to the agriculture, sparking French outrage. And during these time where the economy is already on the brink of depression, these hornets may be devastating to farmers across the nation.


One Youtube channel “Brave Wilderness” has a video where a murder hornet is provoked into stinging the host of the show. The results are shocking, with a large red lump appearing almost instantly where the man was stung. 


Washington state officials have asked the public to report any sightings immediately, as the hornets can become a permanent invasive species if not eliminated any time in the near future. Officials have also apparently put up traps to catch the deadly insects in hopes of stopping the spread.