Pentagon Releases UFO Videos

Charlotte Pence

It seems for the past 4 months of 2020 everybody has been asking the same question, “How much worse could this year get?” After receiving WWIII threats, the unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant, and a global pandemic, what could possibly happen next? Aliens? 


Well, apparently that may be the case. On Wednesday, April 29, the Pentagon released three short videos of UAP’s. But what exactly are these UAP’s?


The term “UAP” Is essentially just another way of saying “UFO.” It stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, and aside from having some differences from UFO’s, was coined as a way to desensationalize UFOs and alien conspiracies.


The term also distinguishes aerial phenomenon from flying objects. A UFO could easily be explained as a flair or an unaccounted for plane in the night. A UAP is an inexplicable phenomenon, an occurrence, and are much less common.


The Pentagon even acknowledging the UAPs is great progress in terms of research and realization, since they are notorious for covering up things like this, but these videos had already been circulating the internet for years after being shared to a company called “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences”, a company dedicated to researching extraterrestrial life, which was founded, interestingly, by Tom Delonge, former vocalist of Blink-182.


The videos are short, and it takes only one minute to watch all three. Perhaps the most hilarious part being the reactions of the pilots as they watch the tic-tac shaped UAPs fly across the screens.


The crafts appeared to defy the laws of physics, flying quickly both backwards and forwards, before dropping altitude quicker than military planes.


So just how much worse could 2020 get? Well, It’s impossible to say whether or not these videos are a direct indication of extraterrestrial life is hard to say. 

And until the Pentagon, the federal government or Tom Delonge releases a statement to reveal the big secret. 

However, these small Tic-Tac shaped UAPs seem to raise one more question for the public this year: Are we truly alone? Or is there intelligent life out there?