The Simpsons Predict Our Future

Mia Flood , Staff Reporter

A foreign flu spreads rapidly and killer bees are on the loose, sound familiar? Airing on May 6, 1993 an episode of the hit series “The Simpsons” by Fox Broadcasting Company shares startling similarities to the shocking events of 2020.

Between the world pandemic and now the discovery of the deadly ‘murder hornet’ into the US, the twists and turns of this year would have seemed unpredictable. Little did we know that our future was told twenty seven years ago in an animated sitcom.

Episode 21 of season four, titled “Marge in Chains,” depicts Homer Simpson opening a package made and shipped from a foreign country that workers, sick with a virus, had coughed on. The cough, a cloud of green with intermittent red dots, makes it way through their hometown of Springfield.

The disease spreads through the town and citizens become outraged as they are admitted to bedrest with no vaccine.

The people of the town, in the midst of protest, knock down a truck that carries a cargo box labeled, “dangerous killer bees.” The bees then escape and terrorize the city.

The similarities between this episode and our current state seem far too accurate to be considered coincidental. Who knew that a 20-minute episode of an animated cartoon could predict the entire fate of a year far to come?

Maybe we should rewatch some of ‘The Simpsons’ to see what else 2020 has in store, all seasons are available on Disney+.