“Minecraft’s” Nether Update

“Minecraft” is one of the most well-known games in the world. It has over 160 million players worldwide, and gets constant content updates. The game has one of it’s biggest updates in years coming soon.

This update is being called “The Nether Update” because it revisits one of the game’s most iconic locations, the Nether. This is a location that has not had much attention after it was introduced, sparking lots of excitement.

This new update adds things that anyone, no matter how they play, can use. There are brand new biomes, building blocks, creatures, and even an entirely new material for armor and tools.

The new material for armor/tools is especially exciting because no new armor/tools have been added recently.

“I am most excited for the new armor and tools, I am excited for them because when I fall into lava I won’t lose everything,” said freshman Asher Klingerman.

Like all Minecraft updates, this update has no release date and will be free to everyone who owns Minecraft.