Pros of the state-wide pass/fail system

Casey Handley


With the Oregon Department of Education introducing “Distance Learning for ALL,” grades for the remainder of the semester will be pass or fail. This means that instead of a percentage you will be graded based on if you met the minimum requirements. According to the Oregon Department of Education, ‘pass’ is when “ the student meets or exceeds the minimum criteria for learning as established by the teacher.”


This decision was controversial for some because it would give the same credit to someone who put in the minimum effort and someone who went above and beyond.


One pro of this system is that any grade that is considered passing is given the same amount of credit.


Another pro is that if you get a few questions wrong on homework with lots of questions, you won’t have a few points off in the grade book.


This was ultimately the right call because not everyone will have the same supplies at their home, something that could limit what they can do. Students should be happy that their leaders recognize this and tried to limit it’s impact on their future.