Should You Toss A Coin To Your Netflix?

Netflix’s “The Witcher” Review

Henrik Hunt, Entertainment Editor

Geralt’s silver hair gleams under the pale moonlight as he single-handedly takes on a swarm of monstrous ghouls in the forest. This is just one of the rugged epic moments that Nexflix’s new adult dark fantasy series “The Witcher ” has to offer.

Netflix’s “The Witcher,” created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is based off of the critically acclaimed collection of novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski, not unlike the highly rated game series developed by CD Projekt Red

Sapkowski’s novels follow the “White Wolf ” aka Geralt of Rivia and Ciri “The Child of Destiny” as their fates intertwine on their travels through a fantastical land full of mythical creatures. Simultaneously, the sorceress, Yennefer, finds her own path in life after leaving the magical clan dubbed “The Brotherhood of Sorcerers.”

Beyond the fact that Netflix’s “The Witcher” is full of adult themes, this show differs from other fantasy genres because of its message. While high fantasy classics, such as “The Lord of the Rings,” emphasize the idea that anyone can be a hero, no matter how small they are, “The Witcher” takes this a step further. “The Witcher” shows that anyone can show others who they really are. 

Since the Witcher race is made up of humans that were enhanced by magic, many people look down upon them because of their lifestyle. Thus, the show’s most prominent Witcher, Geralt, is the audience’s best glimpse into this.

Nexflix’s show opens with Geralt fighting a giant spider-like creature dubbed the Kikimora. Geralt uses his silver sword to slay this beast and places it on his faithful horse, Roach, as he travels into town to claim a reward. He carries the Kikimora into the town of Blaviken so he can receive ”coin” to pay for food. In the show’s first episode Gerlalt explains that, in his eyes, he lives a simple life. He kills monsters so that he can pay for his necessities, and then does it all again.

During the show’s second episode Geralt meets Jaskier, the outgoing and enthusiastic lute player. Jaskier joins Geralt on his adventures and helps Geralt gain recognition as a hero throughout the lands. Jaksier even writes the tune, “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” to help the general public understand that Geralt is, as the final lyric of the song says, “A friend of humanity.”

With the immensely talented cast of Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, Joey Batey and the intricate lore of Sapkowski’s novels, this adult, eight episode Netflix show is a truly unique fantasy experience that is not to be missed.