Skipping the iPhone X

Guiliani Roberti, Staff Reporter

2017 has been a year full of technological advancements, especially with phones. We now determine the quality of a phone with the ratio of screen to body that it possesses. The higher the ratio, the better the phone.

But while other phone manufacturers were building elegant, nearly full screen phones, apple wasn’t twiddling their thumbs.

The iPhone for 2017 was said to be boring and unoriginal, like last year’s iPhone 7 lineup. Tech reviewers were prepared for the worst walking into the Steve Jobs theater. The screen lit up with a boring device, a more breakable back and huge bezels made the “new” iPhone 8 and 8 plus look like dinosaurs compared to the android competition. However, the internals are the best of any smartphone and the camera being great, it couldn’t make up for the disappointment of the body.

People thought the iPhone was dead, that the 10th anniversary of the iPhone was to be left boring. That was until the lights flashed on yet again, one last product remained.

The collective hearts for apple enthusiasts everywhere skipped a beat when the word “iPhone X” appeared on screen.

The iPhone X, pronounced “ten” despite popular belief, it showed a full screen design except the top cutout in the organic LED display.

After 10 years of innovation, the iPhone X is Apple’s masterpiece. But perfection comes at a price.

The iPhone X starts at $999 USD but that’s not the only catch, the iPhone X has an extreme learning curve as the phone is based off gestures due to the lack of a home button. These gestures are confusing as they don’t do what’s expected.

      Another downside is the optimization. Due to the notch and the larger screen app developers have to update their apps. Due to this, the iPhone X seems slower, nearly on par with the iPhone SE and 6s.

Though the design has changed from the aluminum back for wireless charging, the glass on the back of the iPhone X is still breakable. Through the glass looks fantastic on the iPhone, breaking it yields a hefty price tag with $549 on top of the already steep price of the phone itself. And because breaking the back glass often means breaking the screen glass too, it will suck out even more money at $279 for a grand total of $828. It’s almost worth buying a new phone after a single drop.

       Overall, it’s a good phone for people with deep pockets and for those who want the best of the best. But for the regular consumer, just skip this one.