Three Year TRL Losing Streak Snapped!

TRL football win; Drought ends.

By: Evan Johnson, and Matt Zarosinski


Lakeridge football– snapped three year TRL losing streak with a win over Sherwood in 2OT. With the first TRL victory Lakeridge has seen in the past three years, the team is looking at the possibility of making the playoffs.


“We are postseason bound and we have a chance to win out,” Riley Wall said. “After a big win, the team really comes together and we really feel unbeatable. It’s a really good vibe.”


Lakeridge football came out with a comeback after being down by double digits in the second half. Managing to pull out the victory in double overtime by way of a tipped pass.


“It was a team effort and when we play as a team  we can achieve anything,” Wall said.


Since the win, there has been a spike in school spirit around the school and at the games; more and more students are coming to the games to support the team. It always feels good to win, but as Wall mentioned the team and their fans are hoping to make the postseason. The fans have been great, and have not gone unnoticed by the players, coaches and administration. With the support from the fans, the team is aspiring for more and more success this season, and so far the Athletic Director has been impressed with the fans dedication during games.


“People stayed the whole time,” Terry Moore said, Lakeridge Athletic Director.


As an ex-football coach, Moore sees how this could affect the team.


“Week to week become a better team than we were last week” Moore said.


He continued to talk about how he thinks they have an opportunity to make the playoffs, and that fan support gives the players extra energy and motivation during the game.


Whether or not the team makes the playoffs this year, big things have already been accomplished. Lakeridge finally ended their three year drought of no TRL win with a victory against Sherwood.


Many fans look to see more good things come from this team before the end of the season.