The driving law is now changed

Emily Haraldsen and Arianna S.Okamura


Because of the new state law, drivers  have to think even more than before when they use their phone in the car. A law created to save pedestrians lives and keep divers focused, this house bill was intended to be harsh.

“Using a mobile electronic device” includes but is not limited to using a mobile electronic device for text messaging, voice communication, entertainment, navigation, accessing the Internet or producing electronic mail.” (Oregon Legislative Assembly)

Drivers if guilty could have a maximum fine of two thousand dollars, a misdemeanor (third time if harsh enough), and a possible up to one year in jail.

“It’s phenomenal, it’s a true hands free law,” said Officer Bryan Sheldon who has been serving in the LO police for 12 years. “How it affects my co-workers, they’re going to be a lot busier because there is less discretion. There is less ambiguity with the law.”

Several students report how they personally feel about the new law, and they all answered that they believe that they are going to be even more careful now and more awake about their own phone use when they are in the car.

“I probably think it will make me think much more serious about using my phone while I’m driving, because the fine is way higher now than it’s been before,” said social studies teacher Brittany Larson.

She is probably not the only one who is thinking this. However, many might wonder  if it going to make the roads safer.

“I think we will see a decrease in the number of crashes over the next three years,” said Officer Sheldon. The students reported that they also believe that the roads will be safer with the new law.