Wifi Wackiness

Abbi Fedrizzi and Abby Seyle , Cub Reporters

Wifi Wackiness

By: Abby Seyle and Abbi Fedrizzi  

Since september 22nd students at Lakeridge High School have not been able to use certain social media applications because of the Wi-Fi network. Many Students that attend Lakeridge High School have blamed the administration thinking that they are cracking Down on the Wifi usage at our school by extracting the social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. The truth is school administrators Jennifer Schile and John Park did not initiate for this to happen.

In fact, principal Schiele was unaware of the change until it happened.

“I am not happy about Snapchat not working, I love to Snapchat too.” said Schiele.

The whole school district has been turned off by Clackamas Education School District.The Lake Oswego School District shares this Wi-Fi provider with other schools, this meaning that were not the only school with this dilemma.

In order for our school to get the Wi-Fi back to use Snapchat and Instagram the whole district, this meaning all the school such as Lake Oswego, Lakeridge Junior High, Westridge, etc. all have to agree and be open to allowing the Wi-Fi back for these apps.

At the moment school officials are waiting to hear back from Clackamas ESD(Education School District) to know what the next step is to get our beloved apps available on the school Wi-Fi.

The service provider knows all the websites and apps that are being used, and those that are using the school Wi-Fi to accessing certain things on their phones. In order to block inappropriate things from being searched or used during school hours, the Clackamas ESD scans all the sites that are being looked at and can block them from being used anymore. The provider scanned enough bad things on Instagram and Snapchat to shut it down.

This issue was not reported by our school but by another school and this could be because Snapchat and/or Instagram was being used and a bullying method or as simple as kids being to addicted to it.

There are some loopholes such as VPN,  it gives you good Wi-Fi to access any of the apps or websites you could access with the normal school wifi. You could use VPN or use your own data, if want.