BunnyBots Brainstorming Begins

Zev Green and Eric Folmer

LAKERIDGE HIGH SCHOOL, ROOM F-28 — A preseason competition is coming up for Lake Monsters, the Lakeridge robotics team.

This competition is called BunnyBots, which takes place annually at Catlin Gabel K-12 School in Portland, is set for Dec. 9th. It has been held since 2009.

BunnyBots is a competition with a very specific rabbit-themed goal. Each year, this goal is different.

This year, the task at hand is a very complicated version of hide and seek, where the humans hide 10 nauseatingly cute bunnies in 20 buckets.  There are two teams of three robots each, and they are programmed to try to find as many bunnies as they can and bring them to their side of the field.  

”I hope we will do better this year,” said Lake Monsters member Jevin Johnson.

“The robot is in the beginning of its prototype phase,” said Johnson, so there is much work to do on the robot.

The first week of regular-season competition begins on Friday, Feb. 2.