Tech Talk: iPhone 8 Rumors

Erik Svoboda, Opinion Editor

As with every new iPhone release, rumors of the next model start to spread not long afterwards. With the iPhone 8, this is no exception. Apple has generally released new models of the iPhone in very quick succession, with each one about a year apart, which somewhat pressures buyers to upgrade often.

But there a slight difference about this next one. Each phone is usually followed up by an improved version of the previous one, denoted by adding an “S”. This supposedly won’t happen with the next phone; sources say that Apple is going to skip the iPhone 7S and release the iPhone 8 in the fall of 2017.

CNBC reported that the launch has actually been postponed to either October or November. MacRumors has further information on possible designs; the iPhone 8 will reportedly be a “radical redesign”, with a 5.8” OLED display that has built-in Touch ID. Additionally, it will have a glass body as opposed to the aluminum body of previous iPhone models. There also is the possibility that they will introduce two alternate models with LCD screens that will be slightly smaller.

The iPhone 7 was the first model that featured water resistance, earning a rating of IP67, but the iPhone 8 is predicted to be an upgrade with a rating of IP68 according to MacRumors. But the biggest change will come with the charging port; instead of Apple’s flagship lightning port, the Wall Street Journal reported that there is a strong possibility that it will be changed to a USB-C port. Another big improvement will be the addition of facial recognition that should be powered by an upgraded front-facing camera system.

Overall there seem to be some revolutionary new features in the iPhone 8, and there is a significant amount of hype coming from the widespread rumors. Whether you’re a loyal Apple fan or technologically challenged, it should be a worthwhile buy.