Curriculum at LHS

Lauren Monk, Staff Reporter

Often times, student want more curriculum choices, and Lakeridge is no exception; however, lately LHS has been taking action to add and change courses, with some different possibilities on the horizon.

I think it is very college prep, but I wish there were classes that could prep us for [adult] life so we could learn stuff like taxes,” said junior Jessica McIver.

Next year, on the contrary, new like this are being offered, including a potential PCC auto class, that would be located off campus. Also, there could be a beginning band class for those who didn’t take band in middle school, and a yoga and mindfulness class.

“Student’s can split the 90 minute period to look at a class fitness component,” Desirae Fisher, who is in charge of curriculum at LHS , stated. By splitting the period, “students can put into practice the mindfulness they learn.” The school is still waiting on approval from the board for this class.  

Along the lines of the students and administration, certain teachers have also explored the possibilities of different courses.

Currently, the school offers an Income and Money Management course, currently taught by Richard Van Kaupp. The LHS Curriculum guide describes the class as a “course [that] is designed to help students develop [the] skills and knowledge necessary to function as conscious, intelligent consumers and economic citizens.”

While this covers the economic aspect of adult life, classes like Foods and Nutrition help with some of the more day-to-day pieces.

In addition to lifestyle preparation, some students and teachers want to see shifts in core classes, although some are already occurring in certain departments. For the first time in LHS history, this year, only AP Language and Composition classes in the department are incorporating the book “Huckleberry Finn” into their curriculum. In the past, all junior-level English classes required that novel.

However, while changes are being made in the F-wing, some have noted changes they want to see in the D-Wing.

It seems very Eurocentric and I love western history but we should include all histories, [or] at least be more specific and in depth with other cultures and histories.McIver commented on the fact that the only advanced history courses at LHS are on western history,

Recently, classes like Mock Trial and AP Human Geography have been added to combat this issue, and so far, the classes are going well.

Ultimately, it’s clear that LHS curriculum is changing and evolving, and there are a number of possibilities that could be incorporated into the LHS’s future.