Most influential people according to Pacers

Lauren Monkewicz, Staff Reporter

Every year since 1999, Time Magazine has published a list entailing the people they claim to be the most influential people of that year — a list that’s printed by members of older generations whose views don’t always reflect the view of younger generations. Amidst the generation gap, the question arises: just how different is the teenage view of who’s influential or not?

This year, Time Magazine had some well known figures in their list, including politicians like Donald Trump and stars like Caitlyn Jenner. While there were stars that certainly seemed to be well-known to teenagers like Aziz Ansari from TV Show “Park and Rec” and actor Oscar Isaac from “Star Wars: Episode VII,” the amount of stars that really appeared for younger person was minimal.

Around Lakeridge, there are certain celebrities one hears non-stop about including stars like Kim Kardashian and — to Time Magazine’s credit — Donald Trump. However, the similarities in the opinions over influential people generally end with Trump.

When asked to list the three people who she thought were the most influential in 2016, junior Madison Yost listed Trump, Obama, Beyoncé.

Like their classmate, juniors Emma Marek, Vanessa Tuffs, and Erin Brennan all listed Trump as one of the most influential people, although only Marek and Brennan included Obama on their list. Though all of them listed Trump as influential for his radical involvement in politics, they had varying opinions of him.

In addition to politicians, artists like Adele made the list as well, and Tuffs listed Harriet Tubman as a character she thought of as influential, because of Tubman’s impact on feminism and the Women’s March this year.

Time’s list included Trump, Obama and Adèle, although Beyoncé and Tubman were absent.  Others interviewed had a difficult time considering three, and determined there were just too many to pick — perhaps explaining why Time’s list is so long. In the end, there are more similarities between Time’s list and the list of younger generation than first meets the eye, though on the other hand, the subtle differences still shine through.