Why Junior Year Is Terrible

Taylor Morrelli , staff reporter

Junior year is rumored to be the hardest year of high school. Everyone dreads junior year because of all the homework, the added pressure of taking ACT or SAT, the state Smarter Balance tests and

Beyond the academic, many people have  to get a job, and report literally having no social life. The juniors at LHS are already feeling the struggle.

“Junior year is really bad because there’s not a lot of homework it’s just the amount of tests we have,” said Junior Isabella Mueller. “It’s really stressful because you have to apply to colleges. If I could give advice to the sophomores, be prepared and just do homework the night it was assigned and don’t procrastinate cause otherwise you’re done for.”

As a junior there’s a lot of expectations. You have to keep up your grades while getting good test scores, and on top of that most juniors get jobs so they can pay for gas and food and of course daily coffee necessities.

“First of all school isn’t fun in general but the workload is very heavy. I feel that every day a million pounds of stress is holding my body down.’ said junior Joe Marini. “I feel that a lot of my free time is taken a way due to homework and I’m limited from other activities like the gym and baseball. If I could give advice to the sophomores it would be, don’t take too many AP classes if you’re busy but always put homework first otherwise you will get left behind, and don’t ditch class.”

Even though junior year is difficult most students at Lakeridge are motivated to do well and continue to study and push them self in advanced classes in order to continue to expand their knowledge and keep up with the high demand of high school and colleges that they may attend in two years.