The ending of this year’s canned food drive

Sims, Entertainment Editor

With the end of the Lakeridge Canned Food Drive arriving, the results show math teacher Kristin Moore in the lead with 1880 donated cans.

The LHS Food Drive is committed to helping feed the people of Portland who are in need. Students are to bring in cans to donate, and tally into a contest.

Each can is worth one point, while specific cans for the that day can be worth double or triple points. This system is meant to prevent the same kind of items being donated to often, and helping provide healthy and filling food.

Tomorrow double points will be given to students who bring in canned fruits, while cans containing corn, asparagus, beets and tomatoes will be given triple.  

The sixth period class with the most cans collected by tomorrow will be rewarded through donuts for the whole class to enjoy.

Regardless of place in the competition, students should keep participating in the drive with the goal of helping to feed the homeless population in Portland. With increasing house prices, the number Portland homeless people have also increased.

According to data from Point In Time of Count of Homeless, there were more than 1,800 homeless people inhabiting the streets of Portland in 2015 and that number is predicted to go up.

With this fact in mind and the end of the drive being tomorrow, students are encouraged to bring in whatever they can for the final stretch.