Coolest Room at LHS

Anna Patricelli, Cub Reporter

Although many of us see our room merely as a space for daily tasks, some use it as a way of self expression and a canvas for creativity. Under the latter category falls sophomore Siena Davies, who said that she considers her room, which she has changed 3 times, her “favorite place in the whole world.”

Davies’ large room consists of a gray canopy bed with a gold, white and black mandala duvet cover and behind it a multi-colored tapestry surrounded by a string of white lights. Her walls are a warm cream tone with a geometric-shaped window. She has it decorated with memorabilia and accessories which match the cool and indie vibes of the room.

“I made this gold 3-D hanging structure out of wire and small metal tubes, which I hung over my bed,” Davies said. “I also made a yarn art piece by wrapping individual pieces of yarn around a long piece of wire and put it on my ceiling.”

Because of her love of traveling, she has a globe, a travel inspiration board, and a rock collection from various places she has travelled to in.

“My rocks are the most symbolic thing that I keep in my room. I get one from every cool place I go and they represent all of my unique experiences,” said Davies. “My favorite rock is the one I got from Utah because that was one of my most memorable trips to date.”

All the items and colors in Davies’ room reflect her personality and overall attitude.

“I think my room really does reflect my personality because it’s pretty chill and so am I. It’s really cozy and has some good vibes, which I’m all about,” she said. “My room and my clothing style match up closely as well.”

When asked about her most prized possession in her room, Davies said, “My aloe plant Davis, who I named after the college UC Davis. I love it because he’s so cute and I’ve had it for so long. Davis is also really easy to take care of; I just keep him on my windowsill and water him once a week.”

“I got my room inspiration from really just anything that makes me feel happy, calm and motivated. I didn’t have a specific theme going in but I ended up getting things that all blend together. I love how it turned out,” she said.

Davies also said, “I don’t see myself changing my room again in the near future. This is the third time I’ve changed it and I really like the current configuration the best.”