Local Eats Entire Jar of Nutella and Lives to Tell the Tale

Charlotte Bright, Cub Reporter

LAKE OSWEGO- Nutella is a beloved favorite of almost all in the United States, but not many love it enough to eat an entire jar and feel completely fine after. Sophomore Eva Svoboda was one of those few.

After being asked what propelled her to do such a large task, Svoboda simply said that she felt like eating, so she ate an entire jar of her favorite chocolate hazelnut spread.

“I told myself, ‘I can’t eat all of the Nutella jar. That’s ridiculous,’ but I did,” Svoboda said after she bought the jar.

Oh, how wrong she was.

“I kind of just . . . just ate the whole thing. In one sitting,” Svoboda said.

Svoboda says that she was at a sleepover with one of her friends, and had a sudden craving for food. So they went down to the nearest grocery store and bought a 400g jar of Nutella.

That’s a total of around 2,160 calories, which is not even close to the amount that is suggested to be consumed within one sitting. But somehow, Svoboda still manages to compete successfully in LHS cross country events. This shows how used to the beloved snack she is.

Being able to eat 160 more calories than she suggested daily amount for a female under the age of 18 is definitely something to brag about, especially when you can stay fit and not gain a single pound after.

“It’s making me faster,” Svoboda says, jokingly. She claims that the Nutella has never affected her and that she would eat it every day of her life if she could.

“I didn’t feel any different, but I felt amazing after,” she said.

Svoboda doesn’t just eat Nutella as her “cheat snack.” She eats a good amount of other junk food, but she stays fit by eating healthily whenever she can. She gets her daily share of fruits and veggies, which definitely counteracts the 2,000 or so calories she consumed in the single jar of Nutella.

“I just love Nutella,” Svoboda said.