A Potential Senior Trip

Katelyn Kupper

Do you want to escape? Seniors I’m talking to you. This is your last year of high school and I’m sure some of you are considering leaving this summer and going on a great adventure the after graduation.

Well Amsterdam, for all you wanderers, is a great place to explore. There is age old architecture and so many different things to do, places to see, and people to meet.

When planning a big get away, you should get a head start. A good place to start is picking your destination. Amsterdam is a great place to chose. It is welcoming and filled with lots of fun opportunities for you to enjoy your trip.

The ideal time to go would probably be late May or at the latest, early June. The one thing that Holland is notorious for is their tulips, and this when when they are in full bloom. Their colorful flowers that brighten up bland fields for acres and acres.

“I went with my dad, and we visited the Van Gogh museum and saw some of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen.” said Annie Bunster.

Amsterdam has many other great things to offer as well. You could get your photo taken with your friends on top of the “Amsterdam” sign. Within the same area, you can also go and visit the Van Gogh Art Museum, where many of his original paintings and drawings are posted for the pleasure of everyone around the world to experience.

If you want to be a little more out there, you can go on a canal cruise down the many protruding arms of the canals that range all throughout the city. You can even venture out just outside of Holland and visit windmills and ancient castles.  

Along with this, there are cool playground that are extremely high and they are very different from any play structure that you have seen in America.

“I really liked how everyone biked around everywhere and they were all so friendly and nice,” said grandmother of LHS student, Jeannie Kupper.

As someone who has been to Amsterdam, I can personally agree with this. The local people there are all very kind and welcoming.

“I loved the walking ability and the friendliness of everyone,” said Bunster.