An Unforgettable Hike

Anna Patricelli

Whether you love nature and the beauty of natural features, or enjoy getting outside and exercising, the Oneonta Gorge hike near Bridal Veil, Oregon is the place for you. This trail features a beautiful 2.7 mile loop surrounding the slightly more adventurous hike inside the actual Gorge.

Here you are almost guaranteed to get soaked as the water can sometimes be shoulder-high, so going during the hot summer months of June or July would be recommended.

“I went with my family and we all had a great time. It took us about an hour and a half to complete the whole thing because we stopped and looked at some waterfalls along the way,” said junior Fletcher Mount. “ I would definitely recommend this hike to everyone.”

        Hiking is becoming an increasingly popular activity both at Lakeridge and in Oregon. While there is not a ton of planning that needs to happen beforehand, it is recommended that you pick the day (preferably a weekday which can be considerably less crowded), and plan what time you will arrive and know what you are bringing ahead of time.

        From Lake Oswego, it is about an hour drive on the highway to reach the Gorge. Going in the morning is the best way to insure parking, If you keep driving down the road past Oneonta, you will come to Multnomah Falls. This is another popular waterfall and hike in Oregon. If necessary, you may park there and walk back along the road to Oneonta.

        If you are feeling brave and want to take on the hike inside the Gorge, the entrance is off the main road past the parking lot and on the right hand side off a high-traffic bridge.  

Before going in, you probably want to be wearing clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. Because there are many logs along the way, flip flops or slip-on shoes may not be the best option. A backpack with a water bottle, phone and rain jacket may also come in handy during the unpredictable journey.

“I went this past summer and I brought food for a picnic. There was an excellent viewing place that we ate at and got to look out at the river,” said Lake Oswego resident Siena Davies.  “Even though this hike is pretty low-difficulty, there was a swimming area as well that was probably my favorite part. It was overall a really fun day and hike.”

Siena choose to hike around the middle of the gorge and would rate this section a eight out of ten.

The unique hiking experience at Oneonta Gorge is a great way to see the amazing features of Oregon while still getting the exercise that you desire.