The People v. Taco Bell

The People v. Taco Bell

Riley Watkins, Cub Reporter

Everyone hates Taco Bell. Though it has been a long standing chain across the U.S., but it seems nowadays that it doesn’t receive that love it used to. Currently, the closest Taco Bell stands on the corner of  McEwan road, with its listed address being 17873 SW McEwan Rd.

The restaurant is bright, with big windows and a relatively open floor plan. The wall are decorated in typical Taco Bell style, painted in the style of pre- discovery Central and Southern american artwork. The restaurant is fairly clean, and far better in that regard than other establishments in the chain nearby. Staff attentiveness may have something to do with the lack of business being done at the restaurant.

At any one time, it is unusual to see more than a few occupied booths in the dining area. This low flow of customers has no distinct cause, but several sources both at Lakeridge and outside said that the Baja Fresh across the road is “higher quality” and “more accessible.

“The prices are a bit higher at Baja [Fresh], but what you’re paying for is a better experience than you’ll ever receive at Taco Bell.” Said junior Lucas Fuller.

Though both restaurants serve Mexican food, it is clear that the experience differs greatly between the two.

“The food is, or at least seems, higher quality, and the restaurant is bigger, cleaner, and in general feels less like fast food,” said Fuller

Baja Fresh isn’t the only other fast- food Mexican restaurant in the area, as several other students cited Qdoba as their pick of the three. Taking this into consideration, it seems more obvious why Taco Bell seems to be in a slump. When an employee at the chain was asked to comment, they declined politely and went into the back.

While some students at Lakeridge did not know about the Baja Fresh or Q’doba, the majority seemed to at least know about the Taco Bell, and have tried it in the past.

“It’s pretty nar.” Said senior Jon Stensrud. The great majority of students seemed to oppose the establishment. Only one student spoke in favor of the restaurant.

“It’s ok, I mean, I’ve never eaten there, but I’ve been there, and it seems okay,” said junior Caleb Bryan, who seemed a little confused by the question. It can be deduced that around Lakeridge, Taco Bell isn’t exactly loved by all. Or many for that fact.

Shockingly, the hate doesn’t stop there.

“[Taco Bell] can barely be classified as food,” said Lake Oswego resident Richard (Dick) Moffat. From these assorted testimonies, it is clear that Taco Bell isn’t exactly motivating people to “Live Mas”.