Skating in Portland

Jon Stensrud, Cub Reporter

Portland, Oregon is a skate friendly city that shares its road to skaters just as much as it does to bicyclists. With a growing community of skaters, the city is now only expanding the number parks, to a future goal of 19.

At Lakeridge High School, several kids skate around and go to the local parks throughout Portland. Junior, Dane Harris has been skating for nine years now, and has loved skating the parks and spots all throughout Oregon.

“I like to go to Robinwood Park, and practice there with a few of my friends,” Harris said. Skating with a group of friends from your school or community is a great way to learn off your peers. With a group of kids with all different abilities while skating, learning new tricks, and being able to adjust your style are just a few things you can get from skating with them. It also is much more fun when you are with a group or just another friend, when you can play each other in games like S.K.A.T.E, and 1Up.

Robinwood Park, is a small skatepark located in West Linn. It has two boxes, a rail, a quarter pipe, and a bank. The park is great to learn at and practice the fundamental skate skills.

With the Weather in Oregon changing constantly, rain tends to be a factor when trying to skate. But luckily Portland offers several indoor skateparks that you can go to on a wet gloomy day. A few indoor parks throughout the Portland area are Commonwealth, Skate Church, D-Block, and Burnside (which is underneath the burnside bridge).  

With cost being a factor, most indoor parks have a cost per hour of skating. With parks like Windells, it costs $15 for all day and $12 for half the day. Costs like these can push a skater away, but the range of obstacles and ramps that you have to choose from to skate are endless, and the amount of fun you have is priceless. Other parks like commonwealth, it is $7 for two hours, and for a full day it is $10. So before you venture out to go skate, look up and check for any cost and fees that you might have to pay.