Terrific Timothy Lake

Riley Elske, Cub Reporter

Located in the shadows of Mt. Hood National forest, Timothy Lake has increasingly become quite the tourist attraction. With scenic views, a variety of trails, and great waters for swimming and fishing, Timothy Lake is the perfect destination for an escape from the city.

A popular Campground at the approximate 1,400 acre lake is Gone Creek campground. At an elevation of roughly 3,400 feet, the campground is located on the southeastern shore of the lake. Other campgrounds include the North Arm campsite, situation on the northeastern shore, and meditation point. Sites such as The Cove, are also great for day-use adventures. The facility offers dozens accessible campsites for tent and RV camping.  Timothy Lake is also the perfect destination for recurring trip. For avid camper, Isabella Mueller, Timothy Lake is another home.

“I have such great memories there, the campground has a sense of community,” said Mueller. “The hosts really treat you like family.”

Not only will visitors of the lush forest experience extreme serenity in the beauty of nature, but from the months May to September that the campground is open, several tourist attractions around the area are offered. As seen from the view if the lake, Timothy Lake is located 30 miles from the base of Mt. Hood and near government camp, with sites such as Timberline lodge and Skibowl.

Frequent camper Lily Kuehl enjoys not only the perks of staying at the campground at the lake, but also the recreational opportunities camping at the site presents.

“I love to swim at Timothy Lake because it has water like the Caribbean,” Kuehl said.“Not only that, I love going to Timberline Lodge to ride the ski lift and hike down Mt. Hood. Skibowl is also my go to during my stay at Timothy Lake.”

For more information on how to reserve your campground, visit www.recreation.gov.