A God Among Friends: Caleb Bryan

Riley Watkins, Cub Reporter

To some students at Lakeridge High, notes and syllabi aren’t the most valuable study tools available, it’s high school junior Caleb Bryan.

For those fortunate enough to know Bryan, he’s a crucial source of information before, during and after school.

Providing help on difficult assignments, telling friends what the homework is, and ensuring a stress reduction in the lives of those around him are just a few of the many ways Bryan assists his peers.

“Without Caleb, I’d probably be getting about a letter grade lower in most of my classes,” said junior Jack Littler, “or at least in APUS.”

Littler’s sentiments are shared by many of Bryan’s friends, all of whom express gratitude for Caleb’s actions. Bryan is not only an indispensable resource, but an all around great guy.

“On average, I probably help two or three people on a regular school night,” said Bryan. “But the nights before tests, I sometimes help up to eight or nine.”

It may come as a shock to learn that Caleb doesn’t get anything out of his efforts. In fact, he helps entirely of his own accord and purely for his friends’ benefit.

“I like helping,” said Bryan. “I don’t want people to fail. I don’t need an incentive to feel that way.”

The people Bryan helps are most commonly his friends, but that is by no means exclusive.

“I help out people I don’t hang out with, people I only see in class, and that kind of thing,” said Bryan.

Most would think that providing all this aid to all these people would easily become a burden, but Bryan doesn’t tell it that way.

“The way it seems to me, I already have the knowledge, so it’s not like I have to do a whole ton of work to help out,” said Bryan. “Besides, I don’t have anything else to do.”

The knowledge he dispenses may not always come as easily to Bryan as he lets on.

“One time, he tutored me on this Geometry test, but what I didn’t know it until later was that but he wasn’t even taking the class,” said junior Lucas Fuller

Bryan had taken the class the year prior, and at the time was in the next higher level of math.

“It really surprised me how much he helped, even though he hadn’t used the math in nearly a year,” said Fuller.

All of his work hasn’t gone without notice, however, as his friends recognize his help, and sincerely appreciate his friendship.

“We all love to give Caleb a hard time, but we never really acknowledge that without him we’d be screwed,” said junior Beeta Maleki.

Even though he seems to spend all his time helping his friends, Bryan still manages to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. But putting in the work doesn’t seem to slow his efforts to assist others as much as possible.