The Inspiration of Teenagers

Olivia Eaton, Cub Reporter

“Memes are love, memes are life,” said freshman Makenna Delon.

The topic of memes is enough to make several people laugh and then groan. Why is it that a simple word can bring happiness while also bringing annoyance?

“Because I can overuse them and annoy people,” said sophomore Sydney Gore.

A meme is a funny video, image, piece of text, or any other variation of internet creation that is copied and changed slightly, then spread through the Internet rapidly. They are an important part of teenage culture. Teenagers are often seen expressing their views and opinions using memes because it is funny, while also being relatable and sometimes even summing up important events.

“If something or someone is important, they have memes about them,” said sophomore Natalie Peterman.

This isn’t always true, as some memes are just silly and don’t have much meaning, but one look at Tumblr shows that a lot of memes are being made about the presidential election because it is an important topic that a lot of people have opinions about.

Some memes are like fads. They come and go, while others always seem to be relevant. Some famous ones include: Bad Luck Brian, Philosoraptor, Troll Face, Y U NO guy, Ancient Aliens guy,  One Does Not Simply…, and the You Don’t Say? Nicholas Cage face. Others have come and gone. Remember Grumpy Cat? Or the Overly Attached Girlfriend?

Memes are a timeless piece of internet creativity that make many people laugh.

They may be annoying at times, but as said by Tumblr user yourbicky, “[people] just want to have fun and memes are a way to do that.”