Your New Favorite Vacation Spot

Savannah Steele, Cub Reporter

When it was founded almost 60 years ago Mount Bachelor was limited to one small lift, however today it is one of the largest ski resorts in the U.S. Due to Mount Bachelor’s 88 runs and 4,300 acres of accessible terrain, it is the perfect vacation spot for expert and beginning skiers alike.

    As of October 13th the mountain is closed for the summer/fall season. However, it will soon open November 25th for the winter season.

    “I am very much looking forward to the reopening of Mt. Bachelor, so I can shred again this winter with my friends,” said junior Kaylee Smith.

    Smith went to Mt. Bachelor for the first time when she was just six years old, and has been returning to the mountain to ski every winter since.    

    While Smith prefers to stick to skiing there are many other options when it comes to activities on Mount Bachelor.

     According to the Mount Bachelor website,, some summer options include, “Mountain biking, scenic chairlift rides, disc golf, summer hiking, and sun country tours”. Available winter activities are skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sled dog rides, and snowshoe tours.

    The prices for these activities vary. A season pass ticket can cost anywhere from $329 to $1,129. Single day passes range from $47 to $92, and multi-day passes range from $94 to $372. Overall purchasing a season pass is a great deal for those who often ski or snowboard. You only have to ski or snowboard about five days in order for the season pass cost to equal the cost of buying single day tickets.

    Eighth grader Henry Steele said, “Last year I got a season pass and it was a great decision. I went to Bachelor a lot and the pass paid itself off”.

    As far as places to stay when vacationing to Mount Bachelor many people rent a home in Sunriver.

    “I like to stay in Sunriver because it is close to Mount Bachelor and has a very homey feel to it,” said junior Nick LeVee.

    Sunriver is home to a golf course, water park, village, and many houses in different price ranges. All around, Sunriver is a great option when it comes to places to stay near Mount Bachelor.

   When planning the next family vacation or just looking for a fun outing be sure to look into Mount Bachelor.