Popular Peachwave

Eva Svoboda, Cub Reporter

The sun is blaring down on you, and your craving a cold sweet treat to cool you down. Peachwave Frozen Yogurt has got you covered! Located in Bridgeport Village, Peachwave is a hotspot for teens. Especially teens at Lakeridge High School.

“ I go to Peachwave every weekend,”  junior Savanna Steele says.

Savannah loves going to Peachwave. The only problem is she is devastatingly lactose intolerant, but she doesn’t let that stop her from going to her favorite place on earth.

“ I always get the dairy-free raspberry one because I’m lactose intolerant,”  said Savannah.

Savannah thinks that Peachwave could improve immensely if they had more dairy-free options available for people like her. Currently, Peachwave has two dairy-free options: Raspberry and Pineapple.

Savannah loves Peachwave because it is the least expensive frozen yogurt out of Lake Oswego and Tigard areas. Peachwave’s leading competitor, UU yogurt, is a lot more expensive.

“Whenever I go to UU, I always end up spending about $3 for about 8 ounces,” said Savannah. “When I go to Peachwave, I can get anywhere from ten to twelve ounces for the same price.”

According to Peachwave’s home webpage, Peachwave was one of the first self-serve frozen yogurt franchises. They strive to have a healthy alternative to fast food with having their yogurt low in calories and high in protein and probiotics. All over social media, Peachwave is widely broadcasted. Coming up on Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, and Facebook feeds. Peachwave currently has over five hundred followers on instagram and is very popular.

A graduate of Lakeridge High School, Josh Lee, worked there for 6 months his senior year.

“I really liked working there, but I did not get unlimited froyo so that kind of sucked.” said Josh.

Even though Josh did not get unlimited frozen yogurt, he did get a fifty percent discount which made the already inexpensive frozen yogurt even better.

“I was happy to work there, Peachwave is my favorite place to get yogurt,” said Josh.

Out of coincidence, Josh also worked at UU yogurt for about 3 months before leaving for college.

“I really liked working at UU, they gave me unlimited yogurt unlike Peachwave,” Josh said.“The yogurt at Peachwave was so much better that unlimited at UU didn’t compare.”

Peachwave is a fun and creative way to enjoy a delicious dessert. In addition, it is surprisingly inexpensive and a healthy way to treat yourself. Many teens at Lakeridge High School love to spend time in their comfortable couches and chairs on a hot summer day while enjoying a cold treat. Peachwave allows not only teens, but people of all ages to create their own masterpiece of flavor and authenticity.