Apple’s iPhone 7

Ivan Beremski, Cub Reporter

Apple’s shine has worn off with the new release of the iPhone Seven. Whats all the fuss with this new phone you may ask, well it turns out upon release there are lots of pros and cons to this new device. Sept. Seventh was the date that apple released their new creations to the world. Standing with the new Mac Book, Apple Watch two, and the Ipad is the latest iPhone…the iPhone Seven.

Sitting on a new black and jet black finish, this phone has upgraded drastically exceeding apple’s standards. Packing a fully waterproof design and a new home button, apple has definitely proven their one year of hard work in the making of the new iPhone Seven.

“Much of our sales from the past week have been iPhone based,” stated a Verizon Wireless Employee. “Many of our customers are very excited for the Sevens release,”

Although the iPhone Seven has been on the top of the smartphone craze, it has also sparked much controversy with its design and the features assembled by apple. Techradar, a technology reviewer states in his iPhone Seven article that apple is receiving its bad press due to the phone’s design and its lack of upgrades from the previous iPhone.

Many of the iPhone users are furious with apple for the act of not adding a headphone jack to the Seven. Instead they would be forced to use a charger attachment with two ear buds as their way of enjoying music through headphones. Freshman Josh Orth has the new iPhone and is not impressed with the music capability.

“Its ridiculous, they should put it back,” said Orth.

Another way of accessing music is through some pricey bluetooth headphones or through apple’s new earpods coming in at a price of $160. Many argue with this hefty sum of money for just two small bluetooth headphones that could be lost in minutes within receiving them.

Arriving with the new iPhone are two new colors to add to its three already released. Black and Jet Black are being added to the iPhone consumer color choice. As this decision by apple is viewed as a nice refresh in color, many don’t like the fact of the jet black colorway iPhone being hard to receive. This is because of its lengthy manufacturing process in order to make the phone glossy and looking at its best.

Looking at the new jet black color way, it has been reported that this specific material is extremely fragile and the surface of the device is 10 times more prone to scratches, fingerprints, as well as scuffs including the fact of them being more visible than usual. iPhone users wanting the new color will have to wait till January until apple restocks the jet black color.

Although this new creation by Apple has many down in the dust about its features, and updates, Apple will certainly enjoy the market sales of the new phone after its first couple of weeks being on the market.