Here For a Good Time, Not a Long Time

Kaylee Smith, Cub Reporter

Hiking is not just your average activity, it is the activity that feeds the venture, and need for wander that is seeded within us all. There is much debatable discussions about social media. Is it a positive influence upon the younger generation, or has it become a wall that separates everyone from their peers? In today’s day and age it is difficult to separate yourself from social media. The contrast of sitting on your phone for long amounts of time throughout the day is hiking.

“Hiking is a way you can distance yourself from the ‘real’ world of technology, standards, and the fast pace of life.”said junior Annabel Levin.

Hiking enables people of all ages to get outside and seek nature, rather than just play on their phones, and sit around all day. Hiking around high school has been the new fad

“I like hiking because it is a good time with your friends, and the best feeling in the world is seeing the viewpoint of the hike, and I’m eating a good snack with a really pretty view, it’s great!” said, Junior Audrey Bachman.

According to Fox News Travel, Glacier National park is America’s eighth best national park.

“At  Glacier National park, I love that the water, it is crystal clear, there no smoke, or pollution,  and you can look up and be five feet away from wildlife. I appreciate that people a long time ago had the forethought to set aside such a special area for people to enjoy in future generations!”said, Montana native Trish Lawston.

   All the fee’s are moderately cheap, and worth the breathtaking views. A seven day entrance vehicle during the summer is 25 dollars.

Unfortunately, Glacier National Park infamous “Going-to-the-Sun Road” typically opens in mid June and closes in mid October.

In conclusion, one of the best places to hike is just a 10 hour drive….it’s casual. But seriously, If ever given the opportunity to venture to somewhere new, and unknown- Glacier National Park your next destination!

Take a risk, and book a flight to the big sky state next summer. A state filled with mountains, lakes, excellent hiking, and overall a place that has you stiving for your next adventure.

For more information on Glacier National Park, head on over to the website: