London Calling

Sydney Simons, Cub Reporter

London is a very popular vacation destination for people and families worldwide. Located in Great Britain, it’s definitely worth the long trip.

“I’ve been to London twice,” said 15-year-old Ainsley McRae “and I’ve loved every second of it both times.”

London is not a place where you go once and then never again. It has been called a “constantly changing city”, it will be leaving you in awe, even if you’ve already been.

The weather in London is a lot like Oregon and Washington, frequently raining. But that won’t ruin your trip because there are plenty of indoor tourist attractions.

“The first time I went I was 10 and it was the longest flight I had ever been on,” said McRae, “but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected; and definitely worth it.”

Now, flying to London isn’t cheap. A round trip ticket from Portland, Oregon starts at $600. But, most people who have been there would probably say it’s worth it. Like Michael Manovill for example.

Sophomore Michael Manovill went to London when he was 12, but hopes to return at some point in his life.

“My favorite thing about London is the culture, it’s very diverse” said Manovill. “I went with my dad because my grandmother lives there half the year.”

Since London is one of the art capitals of the world, there are plenty of museums to visit on especially rainy days.

“I went to the British museum and the coolest thing I saw was a Pompeii reenactment movie,” said Manovill.

But if it’s somehow not raining, there are copious amounts of outdoor attractions too. Like the Tower of London as well as the Tower Bridge, and if you’re feeling adventurous take a river cruise or climb the glorious O2 arena.

“On my second trip back, when I was 13, every day we crossed over the Tower Bridge. It’s so beautiful in person, especially at night. Pictures don’t even do it justice,” said McRae.

One very large difference between the UK and the US is that they have a Queen whereas we have a President. Although the Queen pretty much doesn’t have any power anymore, it is considered treason to put a stamp on an envelope with the Queen upside down because of the considerable amount of respect the people of the country have for the Queen.

“When I was in London, I went to Buckingham Palace and it was quite the sight to see. Now, I’m not sure if the royal family was there when I was, but it’s cool to think I could have been that close to royalty” said Manovill.

So, needless to say, if you’re considering taking a trip to London anytime soon, go for it!