A Night of Fright


Sierra Summers, Cub Reporter

Would you willingly pay $23 to enter a crumbling house of death with cursed black souls and maniacs wandering about?

Haunted Houses are the most popular way to celebrate Halloween in America and there are currently over 2,000 attractions open across the country.

This October, you can celebrate the Halloween season with FrightTown’s three new haunting exhibits located in the Exhibit Hall beneath the Memorial Coliseum at the Rose Quarter.

“It was so fun and worth the money because all the actors were really into character,” said junior Katelyn Kupper, who     

Baron Von Gooloo near one of the houses.

attended the event.

“It’s a wonderful safe way to celebrate Halloween and there’s no other place like it on earth. We care about Halloween here!”said Baron Von Gooloo, FrightTown’s spokesperson. According to their website, the

haunted event that opened in 2005 consists of three new exhibits this year.

“Grimthorne Manor is a can’t miss. It’s so pretty” said Gooloo. The Witch House, Grimthorne Manor and Baron Von Gooloo’s Museum of Horrors are all guaranteed to creep you out.

FrightTown’s monsters and

mutants have new fearsome makeup and costumes that are sure to strike fear into the hearts of their customers.

“I was freaking out. At one point I was hiding myself from the actors because I was so scared” said Kupper.

A clown lurking by the doll cage.

But why would anyone want to be frightened? Fear gives us a rush of hormones like epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) that make us stronger and faster. Studies have proved that frequent exposure to a scary stimulus that is out of harm’s way can help preserve the brain. By attending this event, not only will you have various bodily fluids scared out of you, but also your FrightTown admission fee will help raise money for local non-profits organizations like Central City Concern, Phame, Rafael House, and more.

FrightTown will be open every Wednesday through Sunday of October from 7p.m.-11p.m. and on Halloween night. Tickets are $23 per person for all three haunted houses, Speed Demon Passes are available for $44 each, and group rates are available for parties of 10 or more.