The Cycle of a Star

Riley Elske , Cub Reporter

Balancing school, extra-curricular activities and a job is a difficult task for most average high school students. However, in the case of some students, this has become a part of their typical routine. For Lakeridge High School junior Sophie Daskalos, taking on the challenge is not an issue.

“I look forward to going to work because each day brings new experiences” said Daskalos.

For about two and a half months, Daskalos has been working at the Lake Oswego StarCycle, located on 459 Second Street. StarCycle serves as an indoor cycling studio allowing for a great exercise, and is paired with music and choreography on a  bike.

“I started working out at StarCycle and went routinely until I realized that I wanted to work there,” said Daskalos. “Then I emailed the manager to see if they were interested in hiring me.”

As a student and a member of the Pacer Dance Team, Daskalos said she often doesn’t find difficulty juggling her schedule.

Daskalos works once to twice a weekend in the fall and will eventually work three times a week once the dance season is over.

“It definitely is difficult at times, but my shifts are no longer than three and a half hours,” She said. “They are also usually early in the morning, so I have the rest of the day to do other stuff with my life.”

To book a 45 minute ride for $15, members can sign up for class times at to book a ride at any of StarCycles five locations. Classes are available every day of the week and you can find employees, such as Daskalos, waiting to greet you as you arrive for your ride.

“I check people in at the front desk, watch kids at child care, and clean up the studio,” She said.

Among her various tasks, Daskalos said her favorite part about her job is watching the babies while their moms are cycling.

“[the babies] are so cute and entertaining,” said Daskalos. “They give me something to do when I’m not checking people in.”

Although some people find themselves overwhelmed and unhappy with jobs in high school, Daskalos enjoys being on the opposite side and spending her days living the cycle of a star.