Lakeridge Rebels

Eleanor Brownlee, Cub Reporter

More often than not you can see students strolling around with a Dutch Bros drink in their hand. It seems like a reasonable thing for teenagers to be sipping coffee early in the morning before a test. However, for Lakeridge High School, it’s a different story.

The amount of Dutch Bros seen at Lakeridge has seemingly increased over the years. This would be normal if there was a Dutch Bros in Lake Oswego or even relatively close. Except it’s not. So why not go to Starbucks which is around every corner and more convenient?

“I go to Dutch every day, sometimes twice a day. I don’t go to Starbucks because they don’t have as good as drinks, deals, or prices” said Kayla Vanderpool, senior at Lakeridge.

“Everything’s just better at Dutch and the people are much friendlier” said Vanderpool.

She will often take her friends to Dutch as well because just like her, they love Dutch. I asked my sister who formerly worked at Dutch.

“I would often ask people in the morning what school they went to and would be surprised when they told me they went to Lakeridge” said former Dutch Bros employee Madeline Mahrie.

Dutch Bros is a common place for teenagers to go when they need some energy, there are many fun drinks to choose from. Some popular drinks that students buy are Rebels, Frosts, and Freezes.

Lakeridge High School is a strange place to be so in love with the idea of Dutch, it is not convenient. However, the students at LHS seem to enjoy it much more than Starbucks and will go out of their way to get it.