Where To Hike In The Columbia Gorge

Taylor Morrelli, Staff Reporter

Hiking is a fun way to get outside and get some exercise. The Columbia Gorge has some amazing hikes that only require a short drive. Many Pacers recommend Dog Mountain, it is a 6.9 mile hike with beautiful views of wildflowers and the water below. It is extremely popular and it is the most fun to hike in the fall or spring.

“ It has gorgeous views, but it’s kinda steep,” said junior Nick Levee.

Angel’s Rest is another very popular hike. It’s a 4.8 mile moderate hike. It is well-known for its views of the river and landmarks below. It is typically crowded, but very family- friendly.

“My favorite hike is Angel’s Rest because it’s under an hour away and has a really cool view of the sunrise if you get up early enough to see it,” said junior  Ashlynn Lawston. It’s really popular but that’s because it’s not too hard and has amazing views from the top.”

There are also lots of hikes in the Columbia Gorge that you may not know about but would want to get out and explore. Cape Horn Loop hike is a 7.1 mile hike and is fairly moderate. The hike has some amazing views of waterfalls, rocky crags and water below.

Another really cool hike is Mist Falls. Mist falls is only 0.6 miles so it’s a shorter hike but moderate. The hike offers beautiful views of the waterfall and a nice walk through the forest.

Hiking has grown to be more and more popular. It’s a fun way to explore what’s around you and even get good exercise. It also lets you get out in nature and go places your see things that you haven’t before.

The Columbia Gorge has many fascinating hikes that are super close to home. So next time you feel like going on a cool hike maybe one of these options could be fun for you.