Rising Student Athlete and Pacer of the Month

Jordan Nelson, Staff Reporter

You may have seen Cort Gerot towering over everyone in the halls standing tall at 6’4, but you may not know that he is a striving student athlete and received Pacer of the Month.

Gerot involves himself in football, basketball, and baseball all while maintaining a good GPA and giving his best effort in other extracurricular activities. He also strives to be outgoing and make friends with new students who come to Lakeridge and that is one of the many reasons why a lot of people like to hang around him.

When it comes to sports, Gerot has been playing since he was in kindergarten. Starting as a linebacker is a huge accomplishment for him and he looks to improve every day. With the Pacers off to a good start in football this season, Gerot looks to strengthen the team’s defense and provide more support with communication.

“I started in 3rd grade and fell in love with the game ever since” said Gerot. Growing up watching the sport influenced him a lot and inspired him to get out on that field one day.

Basketball was another sport he fell in love with at a young age and hasn’t been able to let go of since.With the season coming up right after football, it is crucial to make sure he doesn’t get injured as they will need him this year.  He was always a bigger kid so it was enjoyable for him to present his dominance on the court.

“It’s always fun to be one of the tallest kid on the court” said Gerot. Basketball is a sport he can never get away from as he loves the sound of a fast moving offense on the court.

Education is another strong point for Gerot, unlike most kids he actually enjoys going to school and learning. He plans on heading to University of Oregon after high school and to do so he has to maintain a solid GPA.  

“Choir has to be one of my favorite classes because Mr. Campbell really wants to see us improve and helps us learn a lot of new things.” said Gerot.

Pacer of the Month is given to those who have a great attitude towards the school and the people in the school. Standing tall Gerot is proud to be a pacer and is very happy to have received the award.