Top 5 Quirky Clubs

Ava Eucker, Staff Reporter

Beginning a new school year, everyone is finding their place. Many students want to meet new people and to become more involved in the school, so why not join a club? There are many clubs at Lakeridge ranging from language clubs, math club, and Key club, yet their are also some unique clubs worth learning about.

For those who want to be active and spend time outdoors, hiking club may be the perfect extracurricular.

“Everything about hiking club is fun,” said senior Liam Thropp. Anyone can join, it is a free club and their objective is to explore the outdoors while spending time with friends.

Last year the hiking club went on four hikes, and don’t think the cold Oregon weather will deter adventure because the group is planning on enjoying another snow hike like they did at Angel’s Rest last winter.

For those who enjoy crafts, clay club is the perfect after school activity. Run by junior Marcus Monroe, this club has intentions to meet every Thursday after school in order to bond with peers and to create fun ceramic pieces.

“Working with clay is my passion,” said junior Cory Taylor. “It is  the reason I decided to join clay club.”

A multitude of artistic passions are driving students to join clay club, already it is proving to be a popular group.

A more laid back club, Smash club revolves around playing the video game Smash Bros on Fridays after school in Mr.Elizondo’s room. The club’s president Ben Masseu is proud to have many new members this year.

“Smash Bros is difficult, yet very rewarding” said Jordan Clarke. A senior at LHS, Clarke recommends gamers new and old to join and relic in the realm of avid gaming.

A new club at LHS, Durga International club is raising awareness to end modern slavery worldwide.

“Our mission is to help those who can’t help themselves,” said freshman Amanda Lemoine, the VP of the club. The club’s members are  helping to better the world by funding people in third world countries with less freedoms than we are privileged to have, everyone is encouraged to join.

Hungry about thinking of joining all of these clubs? Tea and Coffee club aims to aid thirsty students who need a boost of caffeine or sugar to enhance their day. Sponsored by Lionheart and 212 Tea, the coffee and tea are free so this club is expecting lots of students to collectively enjoy drinks Mondays at break in room B-32.

If there’s an abundance of enthusiasm Dasan Bankston and Eliott Wells, the clubs’s leaders, hope to create weekend trips to meet at various cafes around Portland.