Overwatch Beta Thoughts: Is it worth getting?

Sims, Staff Reporter

The “Overwatch” beta is over, and whether you’ve played it or not, the question of “should I buy the full game?” is troubling gamers in this final week before release. I’ve made up my mind, so perhaps my input will help you decide for yourself.

“Overwatch” is Blizzard Entertainment’s new multiplayer FPS that is scheduled to be released on May 24. For roughly a week, myself and many other players had the chance to play the game in it’s beta version. Even though my time with “Overwatch” was short, I have absolutely fallen in love with it.

People most often describe “Overwatch” as a better version of Valve’s “Team Fortress 2.” As a Team Fortress fan myself, I confirm that the description is true. At it’s core, the two games are very similar. But it isn’t a problem seeing as “Team Fortress 2” is sort of dead and stale today anyways.

“Overwatch” is a fresh take on the hero-based shooter genre, and because of that it is exactly what many gamers need. The gameplay is so clean and well put together. The characters, the sound, the maps, the community, everything is just fleshed out and attractive.

If I was judging the game off of the product alone, I would absolutely recommend that anyone buy it, especially fans of FPS games.

Of course, “Overwatch” is an online game. What Blizzard will do to the game in the future really determines whether or not the game will be worth it in the long run. What will Blizzard do to keep players playing? Will continue to improve the game? Will they add ridiculous microtransactions?

I think it’s safe to bet that Blizzard will do some amazing things to “Overwatch.” They have a good reputation of building upon their games, like “World of Warcraft” or “Hearthstone”. Blizzard is a huge company that, if they wanted to, could change up “Overwatch” in many awesome ways.

The beta of “Overwatch” was also considered one the best in video game history, with Blizzard listening and acting upon significant player complaints and feedback.

The $40 each player will pay for the game most likely won’t be enough to keep the it going, so they will likely add some form of microtransactions. That being said, I think players will probably be able to the exact item they want. This makes the microtransactions okay because the game will continue to be funded and players won’t be gambling away their money on randomized crates or something.

So, is purchasing “Overwatch” a risk? Yes. Should you take that risk? I know I will because the game itself is the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and I trust Blizzard to do some great things for it.