Young track and field athletes- The next Usain Bolt?

Marlon Kahmann, Staff Reporter

Usain Bolt is turning 30 years old in August. It’s obvious that he won’t crack his Olympic run from 7 years ago. Many people are wondering if he’s is even able to compete with the younger, fitter athletes, like 20 year-old college student Trayvon Bromell, he is the first junior ever in American history surpassing the 10 seconds barrier with his personal record of 9.84 seconds.

The college student became the 10th fastest man of all time with his semi-final performance, before following it up with another sub-ten second run in the 2015 outdoor championship final in Beijing. The only other athlete who broke the 10 seconds was Yohan Blake, with Bolt not doing so until he was 21. Other than Bolt, Justin Gatlin at the climax of his career being 34 years old and with 9.74 seconds in 100m sprint makes him to the fastest runner of 2015.

On the women’s side there is the seventeen year old Candice Hills. Last June she became the fasted teenage girls in the United States sprinting 100m in 10.98 with age 16 in her high school sophomore year which would have tied silver at the Beijing Olympics 2008. She suddenly not only qualified for the summer Olympics trials in Eugene for 100m and 200m, but is also most likely participate in Rio this year. Being already on of  the top 10 American women sprinters, she has become the youngest track and field athlete to turn professional. She is conscious that with her move to turn professional she won’t be able anymore to receive a college scholarship since she signed an contract with sport supplier Asics, but she said in the New York Times “ I want to get faster, and  it seems time for the next step.”

Finally, I’m not exaggerating with saying that these two young athletes at the latest in the next Olympics will have a huge impact of the history of 100 meter sprint. This year’s Olympic trials are July 1 to 10 and the Olympics games in Rio from August 5 to 21.