TV Shows That Don’t Deserve to be on Air

Garrett Bolen, Staff Reporter

According to, the average American spends about five hours of their day watching TV. If people are going to watch this much TV, then they deserve to watch quality shows. Unfortunately, not all TV shows are good quality nor do they deserve to be on air.

One of the worst TV shows out there is “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The entire show is about the dramatic lives of the self-centered Kardashians, a family whose only claim to fame is Robert Kardashian’s defense for OJ Simpson back in 1995. However, Robert Kardashian’s work cannot justify the Kardashians’ enormous popularity today. Currently on season 12, the show features all sorts of nasty drama and gives the Kardashians much undeserved attention.

Another lackluster show is “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” Season 4 just recently began on May 1, and with a stylized name of “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” the title says it all. The entire premise of the show is to showcase the lives of 21 year-olds in the Beverly Hills area who inherited millions and even billions of dollars from their parents. While watching the show, it becomes painstakingly obvious that all of the events are scripted, despite being advertised as “reality television.” On top of being narcissistic, the “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” are very boring and unrealistic. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” almost seems like a good show compared to this train wreck.

One last show worth mentioning is “Little Women: L.A.” This show is essentially a copy of “The Real Housewives,” another dumb TV show,  with the one exception being the “housewives” are a foot shorter. The show features the lives of a group of little people who all live in the same apartment together. Over the course of the show, drama breaks out and the whole program turns into a mess of women fighting with each other. Much like the “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” the fighting seems scripted and really forced. It’s pretty obvious just by reading this that there isn’t a whole lot of thought nor effort put into the show. On top of all of this, there are three different spin-offs of the show, two being in other cities and one centered around Terra Jole Gnoffo, one of the little women.

IMDb especially gives these shows low scores. “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” had the lowest score of the three at 2.8/10, closely followed by “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” at 3/10. Surprisingly, “Little Women:L.A.” had a fairly decent score compared to the other two at 5.9/10. It’s best just to save yourself some time and avoid these TV shows because it’s pretty evident that they are low-quality cash grabs and will most likely stay that way.