Letters: Regarding ‘I am not a feminist’

To the Editor:

My purpose of writing here on this sacred day is to complain, as it usually is. I was not too pleased with the nature of Sims’s article in one of the most recent Newspacers. My issue with it was not only the poor editing and writing, but the complete and fundamental utter lack of understanding for feminism that the author seems to have. I understand that the newspaper is a school newspaper and thus relies on the work of young teens— not professional journalists–but standards should be held regarding the quality of such work.

Sims’s article seemed to be compiled of arguments from a typical “meninist” or “MRA” Twitter account which typically discount the efforts of feminists as ridiculous and unneeded. He also didn’t seem to have a grasp on feminism outside of seeing anti-feminist fodder that depicts all feminists as cantankerous, unfeminine women who are consistently being “triggered” over issues that others would consider trivial or unimportant. This is a very, very small percent of feminists that is majorly overrepresented in order to give feminism a bad name.

It’s of my opinion that if Sims wanted to make a proper article on why he didn’t believe in feminism, he actually should’ve taken the time to research the opposing side. He could’ve perhaps interviewed feminists around the school, because there are many, or researched popular feminist ideals rather than just buying into biased anti-feminist ones in a cheap attempt to persuade. If he had done so, he’d find out that the few main arguments he’d made in support of men’s rights over women’s are under the umbrella of things supported by feminism, and perhaps his opinion would be changed. Another issue I have with Sims’s article is the lack of regard it has for anyone who might be feminist. He brushes all potential feminists off as being unimportant, believing in a concept that is “unneeded”. It’s okay to believe and support the power of women, it doesn’t mean that men are being brushed off or rejected by feminism. Women live in a culture that tells them that they should be mocked for what they enjoy doing. And Sims, maybe you don’t see that, but how could you? It’s simply silly to tell others that feminism doesn’t matter because you don’t see sexism anymore, as a 15-16 year old male. As always, the issue boils down to being: Men are the Real Important ones and where are Their Rights? Perhaps the oppression that women in America face is not as “real” to you as the ones being faced in other countries. That’s fair, but it doesn’t negate the need for feminism in America. Feminism fights for the acceptance of women in society and its goal is to break the outdated standards that enforce the same issues you mentioned. I hope for a time when I can express my feelings or position as a feminist without being declared to possess qualities such as unfeminine, ugly, stupid, a “harpy”, hysterical, or annoying. I hope for a time when I, and others, can take pride in my beliefs and be listened to, rather than be dismissed. I hope women taking a stand in what they believe in stops being classified as overreacting.

Maybe this letter will only reinforce your perception that feminists are all angry, man-hating women with nothing better to do than argue over unimportant or “small” matters. I do wish for that not to be the case. Even as I write this, I feel the need to apologize for my beliefs so that my ideas seem more palatable and I won’t be seen as one of “those” feminists. That’s ridiculous. Is that just another one of my personal flaws, or is that a more deeply-ingrained behavior instilled in today’s women? That’s up for you to decide.


Sara Shatsky

LHS Student