Dumb App of the Month

Garrett Bolen, Staff Reporter

In this day and age, it is unthinkable to leave home without a smartphone or any other device for that matter. Ever since their creation, the amount of applications available for download has been increasing exponentially. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, not every application is created with such responsibility.

Dumb apps are created every month, and this month, “Yolosnap” takes the cake for the “Dumb App of the Month.” In the app, you can select a contact from your phone and it will automatically generate a random dare to send them via text.

I downloaded Yolosnap and unfortunately my friends suffered from it. My good friend Caleb was interrupted on his Tuesday afternoon only to find a text on his phone that dared him to “Order a chicken fried churro.” What does that even mean? This is only one of the many idiotic dares this “app” can generate. My other friends suffered from dares such as “Put a hot dog in a mailbox” and “Make Chewbacca sounds.”

Now, you’re probably wondering right about now “How could someone ever advertise this as a legitimate app?”, and believe me, I don’t know.

Not only are the dares themselves incoherent pieces of trash, but they are also very limited. Ironically, that’s probably the best part. After tapping the “generate dare” button for a solid minute, I found that the dares begin to just loop over and over.

And the icing on the cake is the application icon. It’s a dog with a GoPro strapped to it’s head. What does it even mean? Where is the relevance there? Is there some sort of secret that the developers are hiding? Who knows.

Fortunately, the app is free to download. There are no micro-transactions or in app purchases available, so it is unclear whether there is any sort of profit being made. However, the app is so simple that I would imagine it cost little to no money to make.

Nevertheless, Yolosnap is available on the IOS App Store, and if you do download it, please use it at your own discretion.