Letters: Regarding ‘Staying Safe Outside the LO Bubble’

We are writing in regards to the article in the March 18th edition of the Newspacer titled “Staying Safe Outside the LO Bubble” by Liam Thropp.  My son and I are Mexican American. We have family that live in the locations talked about in the article. We feel that the article is extremely generalized, misleading, and disrespectful to Mexico and its people, including us.  The article makes it seem like Mexico is a war zone. There are plenty of safe places to visit that are not “resorts”.  We wonder if the author has ever been to the real Mexico. And no, we don’t mean a “resort”.

We are extremely upset by this quote in the article:  “Of course the entire population of those select vacation spots in particular are untrustworthy, but lots of the raw, gritty happenings of the real cultural life is not shown in the $300 a night hotel resort bubble”.  This statement is degrading to all Mexicans and of its beautiful culture that is neither raw nor gritty. This rhetoric is why some politicians incite fear in people of other cultures and nationalities.  The United States has several cities that have worse crime than those in Mexico.   I would invite the author to interview us to learn the truth about our heritage and our people.  We are not all drug traffickers nor rapists.  Its sad that so many people are not knowledgeable about their neighbor to the south.   We would appreciate a response.

Noah and Maria Belcik

Editor’s note: Our article contained an editing error. The sentence quoted above should have read “of course the entire population of those selected vacation spots in particular are not untrustworthy.” (Emphasis on the word we missed).  We apologize for the error.