Update on LOHS and LHS Merger

Cecilia , Editor of Feature and Entertainment

The LO community exploded in January at the possible thought of combining LHS and LOHS. The fear started because the School Board is looking at developing a bond for maintenance and construction. Currently, they are collecting input on when the community wants possible bond dollars to do.

One option is to use bond money to update and improve current facilities. A second option is to raise money to change facilities and alignment, which could include combining the high schools.
Currently, there is a Thought Exchange for collecting people’s ideas for the School Board, in which they will share their findings and then vote on which option and offer it up for voters.

Many LHS students and parents believe combining the two high schools would be a terrible idea.

Matt Jordan, senior at LHS, made a Change.com petition along with a LHS Facebook page titled “Save Lakeridge.”

Within hours of making the petition, the signatures of adults, LHS alumni and students exploded with now currently 1,220 supporters. The Facebook page has currently 1,136 members.

Jordan feels strongly about having the Pacer legacy live on and that was his motivation in starting the petition in the first place.

“It’s really good that they are trying to improve our school system and our facilities but by merging the schools, we would lose the unique opportunities from sports, the arts and clubs by taking away the smaller high school atmosphere,” said Jordan.

Many LHS Pacers agree with Jordan, as they say we would become the little “brother” again and we’d lose the rival in which the community was built on.

“I stand by the wide-range of opportunities LHS and LOHS have to offer for each of their student bodies and families,” said senior Jocelyn Wright. “Not only is the rivalry something our community lives for, smaller schools create a welcoming, familiar and family-like environment that helps students in many ways. It’s not a good idea to combine.”
Despite people’s opinions, the hype is there. But LHS students, parents and alumni should feel reassured knowing that this is only a plan being looked into, everything is going to be placed to vote and no decision has been made.

The school board has to decide whether to go for bond by a certain deadline to be determined this fall. After submitting plans if they choose to go forward, the bond would be on the November 2016.