Garrett Bolen, Staff Reporter

A hotel conference room is packed with over 500 people, each sat at a desk with their $1000 computers by their sides running at full speed, competing with each other in intense video game tournaments. Every year, Matt Conwell and his team of LAN experts host exactly this in an event called “PDXLAN” right here in Portland, Oregon.

PDXLAN is essentially a massive LAN (local area network) party. Hundreds of PC gamers from across Oregon and even other states, bring their beastly computers to Portland to play video games and compete with other gamers. On average, each event will see anywhere from 300 to 600 gamers attend, each equipped with their gear ready to compete and enter tournaments and contests.

Lakeridge student Evan Clark was fortunate enough to get a pass to walk around and film at PDXLAN 28 on Feb. 18.

“PDXLAN creates a community that allows attendees to focus on gaming and having fun. Almost everyone is super nice and you get free stuff,” said sophomore Evan Clark. “PDXLAN provides an experience you aren’t going to find online or in a garage LAN with your buddies.”

Founded in 2002, PDXLAN is a non-profit organization that hosts many LAN parties across the United States, but mainly in Portland. PDXLAN is comprised of three main types of events: PDXLAN main events, PDXLAN November events and Vector LAN.

PDXLAN main events consist of contests, tournaments and raffles. They usually last for four days and are very busy. However, PDXLAN November events are quite the opposite. There are no contests or tournaments during the November events, and all proceeds go to charities and food drives for those in need during the holidays. On average, they will raise over 50,000 pounds of food after one event. The charity aspect of the November events is an especially profound part of PDXLAN.

Lakeridge student was Jack Littler was able to attend the event with Evan Clark.

“The charity programs, contests and tournaments are all really cool things that they host,” said sophomore Jack Littler. “Overall, the event was pretty fun and I would definitely go again.”

The Vector LAN is exclusive to those over the age of 21. Like the PDXLAN November events, there are no contests or tournaments at Vector LAN. What sets this event apart from the others is that adults are able to purchase and consume alcohol during the event.

At PDXLAN, a ticket is required to bring a computer and join the LAN events. A standard seat is $90 and allows the ticket holder to bring and set up their computer with one monitor at a specific seat. More dedicated gamers are able to purchase a “Leet Seat” for $135, which gives them more room for extra monitors and supplies them with an extra 400W of power.

This year, PDXLAN will be hosting five events. The first of the five, PDXLAN 28, began on Feb. 18 and lasted until Feb. 21. The next LAN event that PDXLAN will be hosting this year is Vector LAN 7, which will be held in Portland, Oregon on April 17.