Working for your future

Abby Coleman, Staff Reporter

The responsibility of being a student alone is hard enough, but when faced to juggle a job and school at the same time is it too overwhelming for teenagers to handle or just another part of growing up.

“I only work at gymboree for 5 hours week,” said senior Luke Thesing.

The busy schedule of a teen normally includes 8 classes with demanding time for homework and studying yet all maintaining a social life and getting enough sleep. All of that plus a job seems impossible but it actually is not.

“I usually work around 20 hours a week at an elderly home,” said junior Bettine Zimt.

Students have very different job hours depending on many activities and school takes time and the amount of money needed. Not everyone can handle the responsibility of being involved in multiple activities at once.

“With school, work and then club volleyball practice, I am so exhausted,” said junior Summer Pearson. “So I can’t do any homework on Mondays or Wednesdays.”

Jobs can create a lot of stress such as not being able to complete homework, study, or get enough sleep. Those factors can affect your physical and mental well being.

“Work does not usually interfere with my school work, I usually work on weekends so I find time to study and finish all of my assignments,” said senior Brianna Van Tassle

Working is all about time management. Being able to manage your time and productively get work done, helps to improve your school work and reduce procrastination.

Having a job prepares you for your future and gives you the necessary skills to succeed in life and school.