Lakeridge Students put on a Film Festival

Wesley Wells, Staff Reporter

Butter the popcorn and break out the Swedish Fish, because a group of Lakeridge Pacers are putting on a film festival.
Students in teacher Edward Derby’s “Storytelling through Media” course have all created short films which will be shown at Fantastic Mr. Film’s Funky Film Festival this February.
Twenty films set to be screened at the festival. They were designed specifically for the Youth International Silent Film Festival. To fit the criteria for this prestigious events, the films must be around three minutes long and must use one of ten selected soundtracks.
Senior Eli Park is one of the students whose film will be shown at the event. His film, “Dreams,” takes an look at the aesthetically pleasing journey of a young boy’s brain while he sleeps.
“You could say it’s a tribute to the fascinating way that our brains will make something seem completely cohesive when we are asleep,” Said Park. “But in reality, the totally logical “movie” we just watched in our head doesn’t make much sense at all.”
Another Senior, Hannah Cumming, is excited to debut her film at Mr. Film’s. Entitled “Skin Deep,” Cummings uses comedy, horror, and dark magic to explore the dangerous consequences of social beauty standards.
“I wanted to touch on the idea of internalized misogyny and pitting women against other women, but also keep the comedy and horror as the main focus,” Said Cumming. “But, it’s definitely got a lot of feminist undertones.”
A lot of work went into this event. Students say that Teacher Mr. Derby did most of the logistical planning, but each filmmaker put significant time and effort into the preparation of their pieces. Specifically, Cumming loved the crazy and stressful process of piecing together a film.
“Film is art,” She said. “You’re creating something physical out of something you’ve dreamed up. The satisfaction of seeing it after it’s done is a feeling like no other.”
Whether you’re interested in dark magic or visually pleasing dream sequences, Fantastic Mr. Film’s Funky Film Festival is sure to be a hoot. It’s scheduled to be on February fourth at seven o’clock in the auditorium, so come on out and support your talented Pacers for a night of entertainment.
“Its’ something new and exciting to witness other pacers doing,” Said Cumming. “Maybe some kids in the audience will forecast for the class next year after seeing our films.”